ANTS2 package


ANTS2 is a simulation and experimental data processing package for Anger camera-type detectors. The package is intended for:

It is an open source and multiplatform package, developed using CERN ROOT and Qt framework (C++).

Package highlights:

Geometry examples

Vizualisation of ANTS2-configured geometry using JSROOT.
Use mouse drag to rotate and mouse wheel to zoom. Advanced options can be accessed in the contecxt menu (mouse right button).

Model of a clinical gamma camera without collimator.

Compact gamma camera for SPECT with plane-parallel collimator and a 3D phantom.

Model of a thermal neutron detector. Red "tracks" show optical photons which reach PMTs.

User guide

ANTS2 wiki at Github (under development!)

Outdated ANTS2 wiki on interface for pre-v3.00 versions.




To download the sorce (master branch, can be old), visit Github-master
To download the most recent version, visit Github-Dev.

If unsure what to do at the Github page, press the green "Clone or download" button, then select "Download ZIP"

For instructions how to get Docker version (no CUDA but with all additional libraries) click here

Installation instructions

Installation instructions can be found here


Please contact us if you would like to report bugs, suggest new features or to join the ANTS2 development team.

For bug reports and public discussion of issues one can also use Github "issues".



This software was developed at LIP-Coimbra with support from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) through the project grants PTDC/BBB-BMD/2395/2012 (co-financed with FEDER), IF/00378/2013/CP1172/CT0001 and from Quadro de Referência Estratégica Nacional (QREN) in the framework of the project Rad4Life.