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About LIP (Coimbra site)  

Location: In the Physics department of the University of Coimbra (photo gallery)

Group of instrumentation and methods for biomedical applications 

RPC-PET:  Resistive-plate-chamber positron emission tomography, both for small-animal metabolic imaging,
  and for whole-body human imaging with high sensitivity and high resolution.
Orthogonal ray imaging:   Potentially improving the effectiveness of photon radiotherapy by means
  of a novel, dedicated 3D imaging system based on scanned megavoltage X-rays, or improving proton radiotherapy
  by means of reading prompt gamma rays emitted perpendicularly in respect to the direction of the incoming beam.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation:   Whole-brain and deep-brain TMS reach unprecedented stimulation levels
  by using a system embedded in conducting liquid.

Related to heavy ion tumour therapy  

Carbon ions: The site from the biophysics department at GSI is the best and most accurate starting point.
  An excellent, thorough review, both scientifically as well as historically, has been published in 2000 in Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys.,
  with a one page erratum added in 2001. A very concise summary can be found in the first chapter of my thesis.
  Clinical indications and contacts are available at the therapy site from the biophysics department at GSI, and at the site
  from the University Clinics of Heidelberg.
In-beam PET: The site from FZD (now HZDR) has a nice introduction to in-beam PET and some of its capabilities.
  Again I recommend the first chapter of my thesis (and references therein) for a more detailed insight into the physics and
  technology of in-beam PET, as well as into its capabilities, limitations, and steps necessary for a mandatory improvement.


Carbon ion tumour therapy at GSI:  Current status
nTOF experiment at HZDR:
CAGE:  A CAMAC Acquisition through GPIB and Ethernet
PhD:  Thesis in tex format for PhD students (~ 75 MB)
Parallel computing:  Installing gcc-4.2.1 (OpenMP capable) on systems with earlier gcc versions

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