Workshop Location

Lisbon, 16-18 April 2012

LIP - Lisboa - Portugal

Workshop Location

The IWHSS will be held in Lisbon, Portugal at
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Av. de Berna, 45A
1067-001 Lisboa

The Gulbenkian Foundation is conveniently located close to the city centre and to most of the hotels.

It is also 10 minutes away from Lisbon International Airport - Aeroporto da Portela - and only 3 minutes walking distance from the Praça de Espanha or S. Sebastião metro stations.

The Gulbenkian Foundation is one of the most important cultural institutions in Portugal; its main facilities include several auditoria, rooms for temporary exhibitions, a Congress Centre, an Art Library, the Centre of Modern Art and the Gulbenkian Museum.


Public transport
Underground > S. Sebastião (Blue and Red line)
Buses > 716, 718, 726, 742, 746, 756


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Gulbenkian Foundation

Workshop on Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy at Auditorium 2

COMPASS Collaboration meeting at Auditorium 3




Attention, on Wednesday morning the session it will be at IST - Complex Auditorium

Eduroam is the available method to access network, therefore you need to have an eduroam account at your home institution. You can also do it at IST under guest account, but you will loose some time in that case (

Plenary session
Plenary session

Wine tasting
Wine tasting


Restaurants close to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

A - Café Titas *
Avenida de Berna, 48 - A
Complete Menu - around 4,00 Euros (including soup, main dish and coffee)

B - Pastelaria Flor da Selva *
Rua Marquês Sá da Bandeira, n. 112-B
Dish of the day - around 4,25 Euros

C - Valbom Lounge Café * (small restaurant)
Av. Conde Valbom
Dish of the day - around 3,20 Euros

D - Restaurant of the Museum ** (Self-Service) (closed on Monday)
(Restaurant with outdoor seating located inside the Museum of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)
Dish of the day - around 9,00 Euros
Salads - around 2,50 Euros
Pies - around 3,50 Euros
Complete Menu - around 12,00 Euros

E - Restaurant of the Modern Art Centre (CAM) ** (Self-Service) (closed on Monday)
(Restaurant located inside the Modern Art Centre of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)
Dish of the day - around 8,00 to 9,00 Euros
Complete Menu (including appetizer, main dish, dessert and coffee) - around 15,00 Euros

F - Restaurant O Paco **
Avenida de Berna, 44 B
Half-portion dish of the day (enough for 1 person) - around 6,00 to 8,00 Euros
Full portion - around 11,00 to 13,00 Euros
Salads - around 3,50 Euros
Wine glass - around 1,50 to 3,00 Euros

G - Restaurant de Castro Elias ***
Av. Elias Garcia, 180 B
Dish of the day - around 10,00 Euros

H - Restaurant Oh Lacerda ***
Avenida Berna, 36-A
Dish of the day - around 8,00 Euros (meat) to 12,00 Euros (fish)

I - Restaurant O Policia ***
Rua Marquês Sá da Bandeira, 112
Main dish - around 14,00 Euros (meat) to 20,00 Euros (fish)
Salads - around 5,00 Euros
Pastas - around 12,00 Euros

J - Restaurant Valbom *** (excellent Restaurant)
Av. Conde Valbom, 110
Main dish - around 15,00 to 20,00 Euros (fish)
Main dish - around 10,00 to 15,00 Euros (meat)

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