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I'm João Pedro Canhoto Espadanal, I 'm a postdoc in experimental particle physics at LIP (Laboratório de Instrumentação e física experimental de Partículas), and in IST (instituto superior tecnico). I recently finish my PhD under the supervision of my advisors Mário Pimenta and Patricia Gonçalves. I'm working as part of the Pierre Auger Collaboration, where I was involved on both Surface Detectors (SD) and Fluorescence Detectors (FD), using offline tools for the analysis. I'm interest in high energy physics phenomena, hadronic interactions, neutrino emissions and UHE cosmic ray spectrum.

  I gave classes during 5 semesters at IST, Instituto Superior Técnico. You can see more in Teaching

This is one youtube video about Theory of Everything. These videos are very simple and funny, you can view several videos on the channel

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