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Adaptive methods for medical imaging with gamma cameras

// Instruments and methods for biomedical applications

Instrumentos e Métodos para Aplicações Biomédicas

The group was created in 2013 to apply the know-how accumulated at LIP in the course of previous work on position-sensitive scintillation detectors (PSSD) to the areas of medical imaging and imaging techniques used in drug discovery.

In the past years we confirmed, both with Monte Carlo simulation and experimentally, the applicability of our auto-calibration and position reconstruction techniques to both clinical gamma cameras of classical design and compact, high-resolution cameras with silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) readout. We also created an integrated software tool that incorporates the whole development workflow for PSSD: interactive design and simulation via a computer model, as well as experimental data processing and event reconstruction.

Our group has close collaborations with the ICNAS and AIBILI medical research centres in Coimbra, with the Coimbra University Hospital Centre (CHUC), and  with the Radiation Detectors and Applications Group at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

// Research Area
Física Experimental de Partículas com aceleradores
Group Leader:  
Vladimir Solovov



  • Study of Position Sensitivity of Large LaBr3:Ce Scintillators Readout by SiPMs
  • Author(s):  M. Carminati, G. Cozzi, C. Fiorini, M. Massara, A. Morozov, M. Occhipinti, V. Solovov
  • Submission:  2017-07-01, Acceptance:  2017-07-01, Publication:  2017-07-01
  • Reference:  IEEE NUCL SCI CONF R ISSN 1095-7863 (2017)  

  • Iterative reconstruction of SiPM light response functions in a square-shaped compact gamma camera
  • Author(s):  A. Morozov, F. Alves, J. Marcos, R. Martins, L. Pereira, V. Solovov, V. Chepel
  • Submission:  2016-10-11, Acceptance:  2017-02-13, Publication:  2017-04-05
  • Reference:  Phys. Med. Biol. 62 (2017) 3619-3638   View publication

  • B-spline parameterization of spatial response in a monolithic scintillation camera
  • Author(s):  V. Solovov, A. Morozov, V. Chepel, V. Domingos, R. Martins
  • Submission:  2016-02-04, Acceptance:  2016-09-23, Publication:  2016-09-30
  • Reference:  J. Instrum. 11 (2016) P09014   View publication

  • ANTS2 package: simulation and experimental data processing for Anger camera type detectors
  • Author(s):  A. Morozov, V. Solovov, R. Martins, F. Neves, V. Domingos and V. Chepel
  • Submission:  2016-02-24, Acceptance:  2016-03-26, Publication:  2016-04-19
  • Reference:   J. Instrum. 11 (2016) P04022   View publication

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  •  Anger camera-type detector simulation and experimental data processing tools.
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