Areas of Activity

The key issues for the SpaceRad Group activities are the following:

Space Radiation Environment Modelling

Radiation transport and interaction simulation of particles/radiation through matter with the Geant4 simulation toolkit, based on physical data from planetary and interplanetary missions and state of the art planetary models.

Radiation Monitors for Space Missions

Design and Optimisation of radiation monitors for future missions, in particular in type 3 and 4 instruments, providing housekeeping and scientific data.

Radiation effects in EEE components

Modeling radiation effects in EEE components.

Radiation testing and Data Analysis

Calibration of RADFETs and analysis of calibration data EEE component TID testing and verification.


Development of an idea @LIP Space group explained in 2 minutes

Development of a directionality detector for RADEM, the Radiation Hard Electron Monitor aboard the JUICE Mission