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Day 1 (07th November 2012)

9.30h Registration
10.30h Coffee Break
11.00h Welcome J. Gomes (LIP)
G. Barreira (LIP)
Convener: J. Gomes
11.10h EGI and IBERGRID Status I. Campos (IFCA)
J. Gomes (LIP)
11.40h IBERGRID: Deploying User Oriented Services G. Borges (LIP) et al.
12.00h IBERGRID Infrastructure Status G. Borges (LIP) et al
12.20h Response of the Iberian Grid Computing Resources to the ATLAS activities during the LHC data-taking M. Kaci (IFIC) et al Convener: J. Gomes
13.00h Lunch
14.30h Towards IPV6 (invited talk) C. Friaças (FCCN) Convener: M. David
15.00h Even Bigger Data: Preparing for the LHC/ATLAS Upgrade V. Oliveira (Univ. Minho) et al
15.20h PAU Survey data management operation and pipeline orchestration N. Tonello (PIC) et al
16.00h Integration of a high-performance database into the processing pipelines of the PAU survey P. Crespi (PIC) et al
16.30h Coffee Break
17.00h New deployments on EGI Verification and Staged Rollout processes A. Simon (CESGA) et al Convener: G. Borges
17.20h Synchronization and Versioning of Cluster Configuration with Csync A. Delgado (CIEMAT) et al
17.40h Production change management using Puppet, Git, Jenkins and Gerrit P. Orviz (IFCA) et al

Day 2 (08th November 2012)

9.30h Pierre Auger Collaboration on Grid Julio Lozano-Bahilo Convener: J. Pina
10.00h New Computational Developments in Cosmology M. Cárdena Montes (CIEMAT) et al
10.20h Grid Applied to Monte-Carlo Simulations of Positron Emission Tomography Systems Y. Toufique
10.40h Data Management and Data Processing within a Grid Computing Model for AGATA M. Kaci (IFIC)
11.00h Coffee Break
11.30h User access to CVMFS software repositories on Ibergrid V. Fernandez (USC) et al Convener: I. Blanquer
11.50h WRF4SG: A Scientific Gateway for the Weather Research and Forecasting model community C. Blanco (UNICAN) et al
12.10h Development of Pattern-Based Scientific Applications for High-Performance Computing J. Corral-Gárcia
12.30h Hadoop Cloud SaaS access via WS-PGRADE adaptation A. Giner (BIFI) et al
13.00h Clustering TopBDII systems with dynamic round-robin DNS J. Gomes (LIP) et al
13.30h Lunch
14.30h Big Data in HPC M. Van Drunen (DELL) Convener: G. Borges
15.00h Prace (invited talk) P. Vieira (Univ. Coimbra)
15.30h Operations Management (Discussion) All Convener: G. Borges
16.00h Coffee Break
16.30h Dirac Tutorial (Slides) R. Graciani (UB) Convener: R. Graciani



20.30h Conference Dinner

Day 3 (09th November 2012)

9.30h EGI Fedcloud Task Force A. Simon (CESGA) et al Convener: E. Fernandez
10.00h IberCloud: federated access to virtualized resources E. Fernandez (IFCA) et al
10.20h Requirements of Scientific Applications in Cloud Offerings I. Blanquer (UPV) et al
10.40h Towards SLA-driven Management of Cloud Infrastructures to Elastically Execute Scientific Applications M. Caballer (UPV) et al
11.00h Coffee Break
11.30h IberCloud Symposium: Theory and practice E. Fernandez (IFCA) Convener: E. Fernandez
13.00h Lunch


  • Efficient file management (Antònia Tugores and Pere Colet)

  • Integration of Web4Grid with intranet at CSIC (Antònia Tugores and Pere Colet)