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Experimental Campaign at HUN-REN ATOMKI

LIP-ECO/Carolina Felgueiras | 11 Junho, 2024

"LIP researchers played a key role in supervising experiments to predict astrophysical reactions at HUH-REN Atomki. "

The members of LIP's NUC-RIA group, Raquel Nunes, Francisco Barba, Pamela Teubig and Daniel Galaviz, recently carried out an experiment at HUN-REN ATOMKI in Debrecen, Hungary.

The experiment aimed to measure the cross-section and angular distributions of the elastic scattering of alpha particles on two isotopic targets enriched with tin, produced at the Target Design Laboratory in Lisbon. Using a cyclotron, the alpha beam was accelerated to 20 MeV, completing six angular distributions in total - three for each target.

The data resulting from the experiment are crucial for extracting total reaction cross-section values, which are essential for predicting reactions related to astrophysical processes. In addition, they will allow a comprehensive study of the evolution of alpha nuclear potentials along the longest natural stable isotope chain, providing a basis for interpreting data on unstable tin isotopes at ISOLDE.

The highly successful project will be fundamental to Raquel Nunes' master's thesis.
This would not have been possible without the collaboration of Chetec-Infra, who provided invaluable support, and Tamás Szücs and the entire ATOMKI team who provided assistance. Thank you.

The experience is part of an ongoing research journey.

Daniel Galaviz's doctoral thesis was based on data from ATOMKI, where he mentored master's student Gabor Gyula Kiss. Currently leading the Nuclear Astrophysics group at ATOMKI, Gabor encouraged the realization of the current experiment. Raquel Nunes, a new master's student, is continuing this legacy, marking another chapter in this scientific project.



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