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LIP contributes to a new project - the ENVRI-Hub NEXT

LIP-ECO/Lígia Breda Melo | 07 Fevereiro, 2024

"Launched on February 1, 2024, the project ENVRI-Hub NEXT: Advancing Interdisciplinary Environmental Research Data Access is set to run until January 2027 "

LIP  is now an integral part of the ENVRI-Hub NEXT project that will bring the gateway to interdisciplinary environmental research data - ENVRI-Hub - to the NEXT level. Launched on February 1, 2024, and funded by Horizon Europe under Call: HORIZON-INFRA-2023-DEV-01, the project convenes a consortium of 21 partners.

ENVRI-Hub NEXT aims to expand multidisciplinary environmental sciences by fostering operational synergies between environmental research infrastructures. The project leverages complementarities in data and services provision, enhancing the integration of cutting-edge information technology and contributing to a more integrated, productive, and globally competitive ENVRI Science Cluster.

LIP is a key contributor in this project and plays a crucial role. Addressing the growing demand for environmental scientific knowledge, our involvement aligns with the project's goal of further integrating ENVRIs across subdomains (Atmosphere, Marine, Solid Earth, and Biodiversity/Ecosystems) and horizontally, with the e-infrastructures to leverage the full potential of the ENVRI cluster for integrated environmental research.

To transform integrated Earth observation into a concept for a global climate observation system, ENVRI-Hub NEXT aligns with the World Meteorological Organisation's set of Essential Climate Variables (ECV) and global climate indicators. These variables provide empirical evidence crucial for understanding and predicting climate evolution, guiding mitigation and adaptation

The project is set to run until January 2027, contributing to the European Open Science Cloud and promoting collaboration across environmental research infrastructures.

Stay tuned for the official project website launch at www.envri-hub-next.eu.



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