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LIP in the global nuclear astrophysics networks

LIP-ECO/D. Galaviz | 17 Março, 2023

"LIP just became a member of IANNA - Ibero American Network of Nuclear Astrophysics. In turn, IANNA has recently become part of IReNA - International Research Network for Nuclear Astrophysics."

IANNA was created in 2022 with the aim of fostering collaborations, related to Nuclear Astrophysics across research institutions in Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, and the United States. Institutions from other latin-american countries may join later. The network promotes the convergence of the research lines in the fields of nuclear physics and astrophysics of all involved institution, as well as student exchanges and advanced training. Besides senior researchers, PhD students and young postdocs are also expected to be involved. LIP researchers currently involved are Daniel Galaviz, Jorge Sampaio, and José Pires Marques, all members of the LIP NUC-RIA group and professors at FCUL, and PhD students Francisco Barba e Ricardo Ferreira da Silva.
IReNA brings together nuclear physicists, astronomers, and computational scientists to advance the understanding of nuclear reactions in stars and the chemical elements they create and disperse in the cosmos. Founded in 2019, it continues to expand its collaboration reach, and has now joined forces with IANNA. The two networks will combine expertise, resources, and access to cutting-edge technology. The new partnership will include joint research projects, workshops, and opportunities for professional development of early career researchers.

In the press release issued on March 10 one can read:

“The field of nuclear astrophysics is multidisciplinary by nature, and requires significant coordinated international efforts. This new partnership will enable researchers from both IReNA and IANNA to make significant strides in the field by combining access to their unique particle accelerators and computer models of stars and nuclear reactions”



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