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A special week at LIP

LIP-ECO | 13 Julho, 2022

"Last week, Jornadas do LIP and the LIP/IDPASC Students Workshop, the two main laboratory meetings, took place in Coimbra. And finally in face-to-face mode!"

Last week, besides being a busy week for particle physics, was also a special one at LIP. In the same week, took place in Coimbra two of the main moments of discussion and conviviality between members of the laboratory.

The Student Workshop brings together PhD students from LIP and the IDPASC network. For two days, all students have the opportunity to present and discuss the status of their research work, to get to know each other's work better, to share experiences and difficulties, and, above all, to establish bonds that last and allow for greater conviviality and mutual help, even when geography separates them again. Tutors are also invited to participate in the Workshop. This year, the Workshop took place in Coimbra on 6 and 7 July, returning to the face-to-face mode.

Jornadas do LIP, held every two years, are the main meeting of the whole laboratory. They aim at gathering all members of the three LIP nodes for a few days of sharing, discussion and conviviality, where synergies are sought and bonds are strengthened.

The last Jornadas took place in Braga in early 2020, just before the pandemic started. In the beginning of 2022 it was not possible to meet, still because of Covid-19. The Jornadas finally took place in Coimbra on 8 and 9 July. It was an important moment of reunion for many, and a first time for the scientific groups and many students who have since joined LIP, awhom we could finally welcome in person.



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