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LIP on 90 segundos de ciência

LIP-ECO | 22 Junho, 2022

"Our colleague Sofia Andringa was in the Antena 1 broadcast 90 segundos de ciência talking about the muon tomography project at the Lousal mine. The episode was broadcast at 10:58 and will be repeated tomorrow at the same time. It is also available online."

"At the Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Particle Physics, a group of researchers is testing cosmic ray detectors at the Lousal mine..."

this is the beginning of the episode of 90 segundos de ciência with LIP researcher Sofia Andringa, coordinator of the LouMu project.

LouMu is a scientific project that combines particle physics and geophysics to map large geological structures, using the muonic tomography technique. Partners in this project are LIP, the Institute of Earth Sciences from the University of Évora and Mina de Ciência - Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal, also in collaboration with LNEG.

The episode was broadcast today, June 22nd, at 10:58 am and will be repeated tomorrow at the same time. It is also available online at: https://www.rtp.pt/play/p2936/e623647/90-segundos-ciencia. As of tomorrow, this episode and more information about the project will be available on the website: https://www.90segundosdeciencia.pt

Detecting the muons that pass through a given structure (for example, a mountain) allows us to get information about its interior, mapping the density variations. This is the muonic tomography technique. Muons are particles that are constantly arriving at Earth and can go through considerable amounts of matter. The detectors used in muonic tomography have the ability to reconstruct the direction of arrival of the detected muons - we call them muon telescopes. Those used in LouMu were designed and built at LIP.

Project web page https://pages.lip.pt/loumu

Recent news about LouMu on the LIP website:




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