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S&T Week 2021

LIP-ECO | 22 Novembro, 2021

"Science and Technology Week is celebrated around 24 November, birthday of Rómulo de Carvalho, which José Mariano Gago set as National Day for Scientific Culture. Now that we reached the end, here is a partial summary"

Arrived at the end of S&T Week 2021, here is a (partial) summary of what happened at LIP. Thanks for all the sharing on C&T, all the matrerial that we did not use during the week will be published soon... so that every week has something of a C&T week!

As usual, LIP will celebrate the S&T Week in several ways:

  • From Monday to Friday, we will be (in the atrium) taking a look at the Department of Physics of the University of Coimbra. You can see more HERE (https://www.lip.pt/experiments/LouMu_)
  • On Wednesday, a brief teacher training session (5h) promoted by the SPF will be held at the LIP-Lisbon facilities
  • On Thursday, we will be at ES Sebastião e Silva, in Oeiras for a lecture and a cloud chamber assembly workshop — and one of the chambers will remain there, as it is the new acquisition of the school's Science Club.


  • On LIP's social media (links at the top-right of the page) the week will be celebrated with the action “Our C&T”:
    • Every day we will post a question related to S&T choices and share answers from the LIP community.
    • We would then like to “hear” our follower’s answers and comments!

We hope to learn from each other's suggestions and to have a good sharing S&T week, even if virtual.

Happy S&T Week!

Day 1 - Monday, 22 November

Which is your favourite popular science book?

Here are some choices from the LIP community, Please share yours with us!

Day 2 - Tueday, 23 November

Which science channel on Youtube would you recommend to everybody?

In the LIP community, these were the winners. Please share yours with us!

Day 3 - Wednesday, 24 November

Muographing the Department of Physics of the University of Coimbra

See Project LouMu in Antena 1

Day 4 - Thrusday, 25 November

Which were the most important scientific events of the year? (in particle physics or elesewhere)

Other suggested events: MicroBooNE results; PeV gamma-ray emmission in the galaxy; "Oderon" detection at the LHC; proposal that cosmic rays explain the handedness of life; announcement of first 256-qubits "quantum computer"; positron and antiproton excess in AMS spectrum; a movie: Radioactivity, by Marjane Satrapi based on the book by Lauren Redniss.
Which is your scientific event of the year?

Day 5 - Friday, 26 November

What's your favourite song about S&T. Here is LIP's playlist. Do send us your suggestions!




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