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ULisboa 3MT: we are in the final!

LIP-ECO | 14 Maio, 2023

"Matteo Pisano, PhD student in LIP’s CMS group and Técnico, and regular collaborator of the LIP-ECO group, is one of the 12 finalists of the ULisboa 3 Minute Thesis competition, selected among around 150 participants. Congratulations!"

To participate in the ULisboa 3-Minute Thesis contest, each student had to send a video explaining their PhD project to a non-specialist audience, highlighting the importance and the impact of the research. A slide (only one) on the same theme was also requested, both following very strict rules. Only third-year PhD students could apply.

Matteo Pisano looked for the best way to communicate his research topic, centred on the study of matter particles’ production in photon interactions at the LHC using the CMS detector.
The 150 selected participants benefited from three days of intense and excellent training in science communication - in its various aspects and for different audiences (you may find here the programme: https://www.ulisboa.pt/evento/formacao-em-comunicacao-de-ciencia). Besides developing the participants' skills in communicating complex ideas to a lay audience, the training aimed at promoting scientific culture and fostering interdisciplinarity and mutual knowledge at ULisboa.

Only 12 out of around 150 participants were selected to participate in the final, and Matteo is among them! The names of the selected participants have now been published here: https://www.ulisboa.pt/noticia/final-da-competicao-3-minutos-de-tese (and announced on the social network Twitter by Cecilia Rodrigues, vice-rector of ULisboa for research and innovation)

The final will take place on May 30th at 18:30 at MUNHAC, the Museum of Natural History and Science. Each of the finalists will give a presentation in from of the jury and the public - you are all invited to attend!

Matteo is also a (voluntary) member of the LIP-ECO group (Education, Communication and Outreach), participating regularly in the group's activities (including the weekly meetings). Recently, Matteo gave a talk to students at Escola Secundário de Santa Maria, in Sintra. And all in Portuguese!



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