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2022 LIP Internship Programme came to an end

LIP-ECO/G. Eichmann | 19 Setembro, 2022

"The 2022 edition of the LIP Internship Programme ended with a final workshop in which 65 university students who worked on 39 research projects at the three LIP nodes presented their work."

The final Workshop of the 2022 LIP Summer Internship Programme took place on 8 and 9 September in hybrid mode, with the participation of the three LIP poles, Lisbon, Coimbra and Minho. The event marked the conclusion of another successful edition of the programme, this year with the return of all face-to-face activities.

The internship projects covered a variety of topics that reflect the broad research carried out at LIP: from accelerator particle physics to astroparticles, from the development of detectors for new experiments in nuclear and particle physics to instrumentation for health and space exploration, from distributed computing to social physics.

Participants came from a variety of Portuguese universities, and also from some European universities, namely Manchester, Liverpool, Pisa and Imperial College. Although the programme is now formally concluded, the students still have one task ahead: to write a scientific paper about their project, which will be made available at LIP's website.

The LIP Internship Programme is now a well-established benchmark event at the laboratory. Since 2018, the programme integrates the three LIP nodes and welcomes several dozen students each summer. The programme includes a preparatory week (lectures, thematic discussions, practical tutorials) in mid-July and ends in early September with a final two-day workshop. In between, students develop their research projects under the supervision of LIP researchers and participate in discussions and social activities.

The success of the programme continues to depend on the enthusiasm of students, dedication of supervisors, and broad support of the members and structures of LIP. Congratulations to all participants who successfully completed the 2022 edition of the LIP Internship Programme!



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